Our workshops utilise simple and speedy exercises encouraging investigation of where your true power and qualities lie as dynamic communicator.

We work one-to-one and with small groups, ranging from CxO’s to business leaders, lawyers, entrepreneurs, politicians, managers, academic staff and people who face the challenge of presenting themselves and their organisations to different audiences.

Whether it’s a conference, a presentation to a board, an appearance before a Select Committee or a media interview, Your Voice In Business will ensure you are fully prepared.

Vocal Mentoring

The voice, like any other muscle in the body responds well with continuous attention and care. With time, the results are often extremely exciting and rewarding. I work closely with clients from the public and private sector. At our initial meeting, I listen to the client and focus on how their communication and presentation skills could be improved. I then design a personal mentoring programme.

Speaker Training

Engaging and inspiring presentations and speeches take time and practice with the use of simple and easily learned techniques.

My style of training is personal, bespoke and determined by your individual skills. I work one to one and with small groups, introducing effective and proven techniques, which develop your confidence authority and dynamic impact. These include breathing, use of your voice, body language and delivery.

Camera Technique

Being interviewed or making a presentation on camera can be a daunting experience, even for a seasoned public speaker. Time on set can be short, with pressure to perform right from the first take.

We can set up a mock studio, working with a Videographer, camera, lights and a microphone, to recreate the authentic feeling of being ON SET.

And I’ll arm you with proven techniques that will best position you for a successful interview or presentation.

Speech Writing

Collaborating with qualified barrister, James Welsh, we will bring out the best in your speech, and more importantly, we will do it in a way that sounds like you. The authentic you.

We’ll take the time to ask the right questions, construct the best logical, persuasive argument / communication within the structure and of course, get familiar with your voice. We’ll also make sure any fine- tuning and revisions are completed well in advance of your presentation.

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My trusted partners

James Welsh
The master of written persuasion and dynamic structure

Gareth Corke
1-3 day workshop facilitator and gamesmaster

Rebecca Coleman
The storytelling videographer