How I work with you

I treat everyone as an individual and I work with you on a confidential and discreet basis.

I listen and keep listening. I create a personalised programme that enables you, the client to free and empower your voice and deliver messages that communicate with authenticity, emotion, confidence and dynamic impact.

“We all have a right to speak and we all have something to say.”

Pedigree and Empathy

As a working actor, I understand the fear of speaking in public. You are not alone.

For over thirty years my voice has been my living, used in National and International Ad campaigns, Video Games and in numerous BBC Radio plays. I have worked on some of the largest film sound stages in the world, numerous TV shows and West End stage productions. My world revolves around MY voice.

I practice what I preach and understand the tools needed to release your voice and deliver your message in an authentic, dynamic and engaging way.

Helping you find the right tone

Focused, understanding and reassuring, I strive to create a safe environment for you, my client, to grow and develop. I always say, “tell me more”. The more I know the greater the progress, the more noticeable the achievement.

Understanding your challenge

We are all profoundly different. Owning these differences will allow you to excel as a communicator. We were all born with dynamic and authentic voices and I can help you reconnect and communicate your thoughts and feelings again, with subtlety, flexibility and passion.


I’ll tell you what I see and hear, not what you want to hear and see. Honesty is self-awareness and self-awareness leads to growth. The voice and the way we communicate cannot change unless we are prepared to look beneath our public mask



Give me your trust and I’ll help you communicate again with authenticity, joy and freedom.